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Applying procedure

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Do you have a contact or email address where I can send my CV/resume?

Please upload your letter of motivation and CV/resume via this site. This enables us to ensure legal compliance and fairness in our recruitment processes. We do not respond to applications by email.

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How do I know if you have received my application?

If you have applied for a job at Interflon via this site, you will receive an automated e-mail response confirming receipt of your application. If you meet the job profile requirements, you will be contacted directly for an interview.


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Does Interflon provide training?

We want to encourage you to develop you to become the best version of yourself. Therefore, we set up the Interflon Academy with a complete package of training programs. By providing this many trainings, we allow you to find your own path, taking all logical steps that you regard as needed.

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Are all trainings mandatory?

No, they are not. Only the basic training is mandatory to start in your region and after that you need to complete the application training and the applicable industry trainings. We don’t feel the urge to make training mandatory. You probably like it so much to learn new things, you want to keep on learning.


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Do you offer internships?

Yes, we do. If you want to know if Interflon has internships in your country of interest, please select your country and check ‘Other jobs’.

Work at Interflon

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How do I know what vacancies are available?

All open vacancies are mentioned in the section of the country you would like to work. You have the option of search based on becoming a technical advisor or other jobs.

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How do I find out which vacancies are available in the country where I live?

Please select your country of residence and perform a search by using the two filter options: ‘become a technical advisor’ or ‘other jobs’. The open vacancies are shown then.