Become a Technical Advisor

Together with the customer you seek a solution to optimize machine performance. You give tailored advice in order to reduce maintenance and energy costs. You have an entrepreneurial spirit and you enjoy being on the work floor, cooperating with the maintenance team. When you work smart and hard, you can earn unlimited and realize your dreams. Your own initiatives and ideas shape your career.

Put your knowledge to use

Obtaining knowledge is smart; sharing it is an art. At Interflon, we believe that together we can achieve more. We have developed a strong network of people worldwide, who are willing to share their experiences and insights with each other. You are always willing to go the extra mile for your clients, colleagues and yourself. Reach higher, feel proud and share your success: a formula that works for over forty years.

As a Technical Advisor, you will be actively coached, also in the field, and advised about your next steps. We also provide you with the Interflon Academy, where you can learn all about our sales methodology, products, tribology, machine components and the challenges of the different industries we work for. At your own speed.

A family-oriented business culture

We believe that together we can achieve more. At Interflon there is little to no hierarchy, we share knowledge and everyone is prepared to support each other if needed. You have unlimited opportunities.

The Interflon Story

Our story about the need to innovate.