At Interflon we provide several in-house trainings that can be extremely valuable in your development. We give you everything you need to grow in our organisation. With Interflon Academy, we want you to become the best version of yourself. Remember: you are never too old to learn new things.

Basic Training Technical Advisors

In our vision, the sales objective is to provide guidance for a client to make the right decision. With this training we lay the foundation for the technical and product knowledge every technical advisor must have. Furthermore we dive into sales psychology, communication techniques and the basic practices and culture of Interflon.

  • Introduction to tribology (the science of friction)
  • MicPol® technology and certification standards
  • Lubricants, cleaners and their applications
  • 7 steps of decision making - sales techniques
  • ICT support, our proprietary CRM and client tracking
  • Application of - and contribution to - our knowledge database

The Basic Training Technical Advisor is a multiple-day training for all starting technical advisors at Interflon. Theoretical information is combined with practical examples, sales simulations and several proofs and tests to learn about both technical aspects as well as convincing sales techniques.

Application Training Program

In 12 modules you will gain insight into various machine components, their applications and the Interflon solutions. After completing this training, you will be able to give your clients comprehensive advice about their machinery and how to use Interflon.

  • In-depth study of individual machine components
  • Insight into technical specifics of machinery
  • Case studies on friction and hydraulics
  • Application of Interflon products
  • Results and impact studies before/after using Interflon

The Interflon Application Training is the advanced training program for all technical advisors, subsequent to the basic training. By providing this training in separate modules, we allow technical advisors to decide which to study first, based on client requirements and practical questions in their field. This leads to a very effective learning path. Most technical advisors finish the whole application program within a year.

Hardware Training

A better maintenance program also includes the avoidance of human errors. Therefore, Interflon has developed several hardware solutions that support and improve lubrication use. After completion of this training, you will be familiar with:

  • Different types of hardware
  • Signs of the most common maintenance mistakes
  • Applications and uses of hardware
  • Proof and case studies
  • Advanced: technical specification of hardware

Our hardware training is divided into two levels. There is a standard half-day training, built for each technical advisor. For technical advisors who prefer to gain a deeper understanding of the hardware solutions, our hardware specialist offers an advanced level training that discusses technical specifications and application methods.

Industry Training

Interflon distinguishes itself by its expertise in each industry, in close cooperation with our clients. While doing this, we have obtained valuable knowledge, which we have bundled into industry trainings. With this training, you will have the foundation needed to become an expert in your area.

  • Study the machinery, brands and best practices
  • Learn about the environment, work floor and challenges
  • Gain credibility to offer comprehensive maintenance solutions
  • Convince clients with your extensive industry knowledge and languages
  • Learn how to use impact studies

Each industry has its own challenges, pitfalls and technical and health and safety requirements. You gain an in-depth understanding of the needs of a specific industry, how to spot problems and provide the correct solutions for maintenance. Completing the application training gives you the credibility to offer comprehensive solutions to the industries you have chosen.

Lubrication Technology Training

Tribology - the official term for the science and engineering of interacting surfaces in relative motion - is the theoretical background of friction, lubrication and wear. This training program discusses tribology in three levels. After full completion, you will be an expert in scanning clients’ machines for premature wear and understanding how to prevent it by finding new applications and solutions with Interflon.

  • In-depth study of tribology friction and its characteristics
  • Advanced study of lubrication and different liquid carriers
  • Set up advanced maintenance schemes and programs
  • Scanning machinery and detecting premature wear
  • Reading datasheets and safety records

Level one of our Lubrication Technology Training includes basic knowledge of tribology, lubrication and correct lubricating. During the second level of this course, the technical specifics of our patented MicPol technology will be discussed and compared to conventional lubricants. You learn how to take test and samples to gain your credibility in proactive maintenance advice. The third - and most advanced - level of this training program is set up for technical advisors who grow into become technical manager or engineer. After completion, your are able to read technical datasheets and safety records and be able to provide clients with machinery scans and extensive maintenance consultancy in order to improve their maintenance scheme and machine alignment company wide.

Middle-management Training

Interflon emphasises the importance of proper guidance, as opposed to leadership. We are a transparent organisation and encourage our people to become the best version of themselves. After completion of our middle management study, you will know all about coaching, managing and recognizing new talent.

In three levels you will learn:

  • Feedback techniques: sandwich, encouragement and essentials
  • Guide the confidence and improvement track
  • Adaptive management styles according to personality and situations
  • Recruitment of technical advisors according to company values
  • Situational management, integrating groups according to company values

In three courses you will get a comprehensive training about how to manage technical advisors at Interflon. At the first level, you will learn how to coach one technical advisor. If you enjoy this process and succeed in it, you can follow the second level, managing a team to specific behaviour and needs of each team member. The third level will teach you to understand what recruitment is and how new talent is identified and encouraged to grow at Interflon.