Why work
at Interflon

Job Openings

Core values

Commitment to customers

We put our customers first:

  • We are flexible and always available for our customers
  • We supply high quality products, technology, solutions and industry knowledge
  • We supply in time and according to your requirements
  • We regard every complaint as a challenge for improvement

High performance products

We are always delivering products with the highest quality possible:

  • We only develop outstanding products, technology, solutions and industry knowledge this world really needs
  • Our products are both safe and have the best performance in the market
  • We focus on renewable resources and avoid waste

Rewarding, open working environment

The strength of our company lies in the strength of our people. We believe that we deliver a better value proposition to our customers by:

  • Continuous education and learning to empower our people
  • Offering an open, pragmatic work environment - without bureaucracy - in which we pro-actively share information and say what we think
  • Rewarding our people for their performance

Entrepreneurial spirit

The people who work with us:

  • Are passionate about finding a solution for our customers. They are energized by any challenge.
  • Have the ability to work autonomously and be decisive
  • Have the drive to execute at all times, no matter what the circumstances are